Tablecloths Made to Last

Special Event Sales carries a large selection of high-quality 100% polyester linens. Dress up your tables with a choice of our stain-resistant linens. Readily available in black, white, and ivory.

Good quality, professional linen at an affordable price.

Event Linen Sales
  • Merrow-stitched edges for a long-lasting, professional finish
  • Stain-resistant and launders easily
  • Colours remain bright and vibrant even after hundreds of washes
Spandex Covers
Our spandex covers have been specifically designed to fit over our cocktail tables. These heavyweight and long-lasting covers feature reinforced pockets at the base where the table feet contact the ground. Machine-washable and available in nine different colours, these table covers are sure to be a hit at your next event!
white spandex black spandex brown spandex navy spandex
red spandex rose spandex teal spandex slate spandex


  • Sizes Available:

  • 90” x 156”     132” Round
  • 90” x 132”     120” Round
  • 84” x 84”       108” Round
  • 60” x 120”     90” Round

  • Machine Washable

  • 100% Polyester

  • Colours Available:

  • White     Turquoise
  • Black     Pink
  • Navy      Red
  • Silver     Purple
  • Copper

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